SJoãoPesqueira [2ª ed 8 Mãos 2014]

Next saturday, 13th | September | 2014, we will travel through “8 en-cantos” on our way to São João da Pesqueira. This tour is a partnership with festival Oito Mãos, monumentos com música dentro ( For more information, please contact us using the contact details below. Sonia Meireles :: 00351 969 423 424 :: Come and d... [ReadMore]


If what you really like are colonial buildings, we can help you. If you prefer to take the measures of mountains and valleys, we are here to show you the best ones. If you prefer to lay hands on the traditional handicrafts, we know the right people. Or, if you want the music to be tuned your own way we can give you a hand. Or even if the palate is the king, we can also tell you where to find uniqu... [ReadMore]