If you think you already know all the corners of Portugal well, think again. Beyond what eyes can reach, there’s a lot more to discover – and we are here to show you. By our hands and your feet, with no rush or pressure, we will show you a different side of the streets around us, the monuments and tastes that are everywhere in this country.



Like an iceberg, the Portuguese towns and cities only have 10% showing. The remaining 90% are little secrets orally transmitted, visible shades to the more attentive eyes and rare generational artifacts that are hidden behind closed doors. We have the keys to open them and we would like to take you with us. Know more!

Beyond a young town, with tradition in education and good food, details waiting to be absorbed with attention and dedication are hidden always without the rush of schedules and with the easy-going attitude of a family.... [ReadMore]


As any other town from the Trás-os-Montes region, its biggest banner is gastronomy. Owner of the unique “Covilhete”, it was the inspiration of writers, discoverers and pedagogues. Now, it inspires us, travelers of the country, to address you the invitation of having the pleasure that it is to discover Vila Real.... [ReadMore]